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A Guide to Proper Care and Maintenance of Your Waterhog Diamond Mat

Waterhog Classic/Fashion Diamond Mats combine aesthetics with tough durability and revolutionary debris-trapping technology. Offered either with a standard smooth back or with cleated backing options, these mats help minimize dirt and moisture from entering interior floors through feet or shoes.

Maintain clean mats at all times by following these best practices to clean and maintain them regularly. Clean mats perform better, so make sure that regular maintenance will keep them looking brand new!
1. Vacuum Regularly

One of the best things anyone can do for their Waterhog mat is to regularly vacuum it using a shop vac to avoid fine debris and dust accumulation in its deep crevasses. Doing this regularly will reduce how often it needs to be washed, helping keep its look fantastic over time.

Waterhog mats can be cleaned using the same methods used on carpeted floors, such as low moisture extraction systems. Any non-permanent stains should be treated using an eco-friendly, non-organic solvent-based spotter and rinsed thoroughly after treatment before returning it back into service.

Indoor/outdoor 24 oz/yd durable 24 oz/yd face mat featuring dual denier construction for optimal performance. Crafted with 100% premium polypropylene fiber system that dries quickly; no fade or rot issues here! Unique ridged design wipes shoes clean while trapping dirt and moisture beneath shoe level, while rubber reinforced nubs prevent pile from crushing to extend performance life. Available with designer fabric border (Waterhog Fashion Diamond) or commercial rubber (Waterhog Classic Diamond). Made in the USA & certified slip resistant by National Floor Safety Institute! Made in USA
2. Sweep Regularly

Waterhog Classic Diamond Mats are high-performance floor entrance mats suitable for medium to heavy traffic indoor and outdoor areas, ideal for medium to high footfall indoor / outdoor entranceways. Their raised “diamond” surface design scrapes and traps dirt, dust, moisture below shoe level to reduce slip hazards and floor damage while an exclusive rubber “Water Dam” border keeps water and dirt within the mat and off of floors to reduce risk of slippery spills or accidents.

Anti-static mats come in various colors and lengths with matching fabric or commercial rubber borders for maximum static dissipation and protection against voltages up to 1.6KV according to ASTCC measurement standards.

Keep your mat looking its best by regularly vacuuming or sweeping, to prevent soils from building up on its surface and reduce build-up of soils. In high traffic commercial environments, vacuuming daily is recommended while in lower traffic environments it should occur weekly. When using self-contained or cart style commercial vacuums with brush and vac systems for sweeping, be sure to use one with both brush agitation as well as vacuum vac systems for optimal agitation of the mat for best agitation of its fibers and for best agitation of its fibers for optimal agitation of its fibers to achieve maximum effectiveness when using brush agitated sweeping for most effective results.
3. Deep Clean Regularly

Waterhog Fashion Diamond Entrance Floor Mats feature an elegant diamond surface pattern. Combining aesthetics with durability and superior debris-trapping capabilities, these mats combine aesthetics with tough durability. Their distinctive ridged construction wipes and scrapes shoes while trapping dirt and moisture below shoe level – further protecting carpet or hard floors from damage while prolonging performance life and prolonging performance life through extended performance life and increased performance life due to rubber-reinforced face nubs that prevent pile crushing.

These eye-catching mats are the standard in entrance door mats. Perfect for commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities and offices alike – with 18 colors to choose from and custom length options – their bi-level construction wipes shoes clean while keeping moisture off your floors and dirt in.

The durable recycled PET fabric surface of our recycled PET fabric backing is stain-resistant and quickly dries, while its eco-friendly makeup includes 20% post-consumer recycled rubber from drink bottles. Furthermore, its durable 78 mil SBR rubber backing features either universal cleated back for carpet applications or smooth back for hard floor use.
4. Don’t Forget About the Borders

The Waterhog Classic Diamond mat is a heavy-duty commercial grade mat featuring cutting-edge debris trapping and moisture management technologies. The raised rubber “water dam” border keeps dirt and moisture within the mat itself and off of carpeted floors thereby reducing slip hazards and floor damage.

Solution-dyed PET fabric made from polypropylene base material with 20% recycled tires provides exceptional colorfastness and fade resistance. The diamond pattern scrapes and wipes shoes while absorbing up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. Rubber reinforced face nubs provide crush proof scraping action and help keep soils from re-trapping on the mat.

WaterHog Diamond mat anti-static entranceway mat is perfect for office buildings, retail stores, hospitals and restaurants. It complies with NFPA fire code 77 and can be cleaned using any conventional carpet cleaning method; please ensure any chemical residue that might impede safety or durability is thoroughly rinsed after wet cleaning processes.

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